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Origin: Lam Ha – Lam Dong

Harvest time: Summer – Autumn

Fermentation degree: 15%

Packaging: vacuum 100 gr / pack.

Olong Huong Viet Teaof​​Dong Son Brand is made from Olong Kim Tuyen tea variety, and is processed according to Taiwanese Oolong Dong Ding’s traditional production process.

Oolong Kim Tuyen is a tea variety imported from Taiwan in the years 1994-1995. This tea variety is capable of growing well in areas with cool, humid climates, with good soil. In Vietnam, the provinces of Lam Dong, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Lang Son are the most suitable areas for growing this tea.

For teas produced from the Oolong Kim Tuyen variety, often they have almost the same characteristics of fragrance and aftertaste. However, Dong Son Vietnamese Oolong Tea has a very specific flavor of Dong Son brand, you will easily recognize the difference when enjoying our Vietnamese Huong Oolong Tea. Besides, due to being grown and cared for by special methods, fresh tea is carefully hand-picked according to the standard of tea buds with 3-4 leaves including tiny tea shrimp on top. All stages are produced entirely by hand by people who truly love tea, while properly applying the techniques of Taiwan’s traditional Oolong Dong Ding tea production method. Therefore Dong Son Vietnamese Huong oolong tea is considered a type of tea belonging to Dong Ding oolong line.

Oolong tea has a sweet and mellow taste, fresh aroma, especially in the first 3 countries when making this tea, you will hear the faintly attractive scent of flowers. Tea juice and tea leaves when brewed are yellow, sweet orange flavor will strongly restore after drinking. Dissolves all fatigue and stress, gives us a sense of harmony and balance for the soul.

Oolong Tea Huong Viet is suitable for drinking in the morning and early afternoon, although it is more fermented than normal Oolong tea, but will still more or less affect sleep for those who do not have the habit of drinking tea. night.

Dong Son Olong Tea is vacuum packed in silver bags, does not print much, high-quality bag material, thick enough, does not leak light and air, helps to best preserve the quality of the tea inside.

Our Dong Son Tea brand always goes hand in hand with the criteria of deliciousness, cleanliness and safety. From rare tea varieties, grown and produced by those who truly love tea, the process is crafted to preserve its inherent natural traditional flavors that tea connoisseurs around the world have. The review is very appealing.

In addition, Dong Son Olong tea has been tested for microbiological, physical chemistry, heavy metals and pesticide residues at Quality Measurement Standard 3 Technical Center, which is the leading company in Vietnam. high reliability in the field of measurement and evaluation of product quality.

See test results of Olong Huong Viet Tea here

Some pictures and videos of Olong Huong Viet Tea Garden:
Oolong tea garden is about to be harvested
Oolong tea garden is about to be harvested
Olong Huong Viet tea buds are selected and hand-picked
Olong Huong Viet tea buds are selected and hand-picked
Fermented Olong Tea
Fermented Vietnamese Tea Olong

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